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A secure method of transferring Dogecoins from paper wallets.
How does it work?

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What exactly does this site do?

Redeem Paper is designed to allow you to transfer Ðogecoins from a paper wallet to any other Ðogecoin address. A database runs in the background keeping track of all the available funds per address. This allows you to quickly create a transaction in your web browser and sign it using a webcam.

Ok, how do I use it?

Step 1: Click the Scan button to read the QR code of the public key using your webcam. (Or copy and paste it in)
Step 2: Enter in a destination address and the amount to send. (Or more by clicking Add)
Step 3: Click the Sign Transaction button to enable an input for the private key.
Step 4: After scanning the private key, the transaction will be signed and confirmation button will appear.
Step 5: Click the confirmation button to send the transaction to the network. Upon success, the transaction hash will be shown with links to popular Block Chain Explorers to confirm that they were sent.

How secure is Redeem Paper?

Redeem Paper is very secure because your private key is not transferred over the network. As soon as the private key is detected, it will automatically sign the transaction and then remove the key from access in the code.
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